Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up to become an affiliate?

Please click any “Sign Up” link or button on site. You will be redirected to the sign up page. After you complete our sign up form and send it to us you will receive an email with confirmation link. Just click it to confirm your email id. After that our manager will contact you to proceed with the registration.

What is the minimum payment/ payment threshold?

Our payment threshold is $100. Our offer payouts are good, so it’s easy to reach the threshold.

How often can I get payments?

Our standard payment base is NET30, so you can get your payment in 30 days after the period you were sending traffic.
But there are some offers that are paid on NET14 base, so ask your manager to know more.

What payment systems I can use to receive payment?

We are able to pay via PayPal, Wire, Epayments, WebMoney. Please ask your manager in case you use some other payment system.

Can I cheat and earn money?

NO! Every Affiliate caught on cheating or trying to cheat is going to be banned and account balance is going to be terminated.

Can I have two or more Affiliate accounts in the AffTopAds?

NO! You can have only one Affiliate account. Every Affiliate caught on having more than one account is going to be banned and account balance is going to be terminated.

Can I register again after I got banned?

NO! In case you try to register once again after you got banned, you risk to be blacklisted on every level.

I can't log in. What should I do?

Try to retrieve your password using the “forgot password” form. In case you can’t do anything please contact your manager or send an email to our team via support@afftopads.com .

Is there 24/7 support in the network?

We are trying to be online all the time, but at night hours there can be delays in the reply. Don’t hesitate to contact us and thanks for your understanding!

What verticals I can run with AffTopAds?

AffTopAds.com has numerous offers in lots of verticals for Mobile and Desktop traffic. You can find here Sweepstakes, Games, Nutra and Health, Apps for iOS and Android CPI and CPE, Dating and much more. Just tell your manager what kind of traffic you need to monetise and he will help you out with the offers.

Are your offers Direct?

Most of the offers we have are direct. We are trying our best to offer our Affiliates high payouts and high quality offers.

What traffic I can use?

Every offer has “allowed traffic list”. Please see it and try to send traffic of that type. If you’re not sure about something please contact your manager.

Can I get paid for impressions or clicks?

NO! Affiliate Top Ads Network is Performance based, so you can get paid for confirmed conversions only.

I have incentivised traffic only. Can I sign up?

Yes you can! We have offer for almost all types of traffic, except fraudulent one. In case youк incent traffic is good and clean (no bots or suspicious ip’s) you can find offers for that type of traffic. Your manager will help you out.

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I am an Advertiser. I need High Quality traffic!

Please contact us via email support@afftopads.com and you will get high quality traffic for your app or desktop product.

Is there any referral system in the network?

Yes we have a referral system. Please contact our managers to know more.

I have a Question but I couldn't find answer here.

Please send an email to our team via email support@afftopads.com and we will contact you with an answer shortly.



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